The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Doran Annual Lecture for Population, Resources and Development


The Doran Annual Lecture, which began in 2008, brings to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem leading scholars focused on population change, poverty and resources, and economic development. The aim of this annual lecture is to bring new research perspectives and findings to the academic community in Israel and to help to stimulate scholars and students in Israel to engage more actively in these topics.


The Doran Annual Lecture is made possible by a generous donation by the late Benjamin D. Doran.


Doran Annual Lectures: (click on lecture to see video)



 Prof. Elisha P. Renne, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Population Policy and the Unintended Consequences of Family Planning
Initiatives in Nigeria




Prof. Joshua Goldstein Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Birth Rates and the Great Recession



Dr. Monica Das Gupta, The World Bank

“Gender Bias in Child Mortality in Asia: Underlying Causes and Some Consequences”



Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, University of Munich

“Table or Tank: The Rivalry Between Biofuels and Fossil Fuels and Nutrition”



 Professor Joel E. Cohen, Rockefeller University

“Human Population to 2050: Problems and Opportunities”


Professor William Easterly, New York University

“Free Markets, Doomsday Scenarios, and Economic Development”




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